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Clint Sellers and Kelsey Marker are

Attorneys in Harrisonburg VA

Since 2007, our law firm based in Harrisonburg, Virginia has served clients who need help with wills and trusts, estate administration, small business law, real estate law and civil trials. We are a customer-centered law firm that provides prompt, straightforward answers.

Sellers Law Firm protects families and businesses with their experience in real estate, representing clients in court, estate planning and administration (including wills, trusts, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, advance medial directives and business succession planning), small business law, and family law. Our attorney’s personally represent their clients and have a team to support them and assist clients with achieving their goals as efficiently as possible. Solving a problem starts with just knowing who to call. In cases where we cannot assist for any reason we try to recommend another professional who can.

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Creating estate planning documents that work is only one part of successful planning. We also help with strategies to reduce stress and promote smooth transitions from one generation to the next. These strategies combined with personalized documents allow clients to keep what they have worked for, avoid paying unnecessary taxes and fees, effectively distribute property and preserve family relationships. Our historic Harrisonburg location is convenient and we also routinely serve clients throughout Rockingham, Augusta, Page and Shenandoah Counties.

Small business law and civil trial experience complement the estate planning components of our practice. Small businesses are frequently the single largest assets that clients possess and successfully transitioning them from one generation to the next takes planning and thought. For those clients who seek to sell their businesses, it is essential to develop the proper legal framework to permit the transfer when the time comes. The best way to begin planning for these kinds of transfers or sales is to set up the business documents correctly to start. For those clients who have gaps in their business documentation, we can often help them fill in the spaces in a way that limits liability and maximizes business value. While the ideal is for disputes to be resolved outside of court, sometimes court is necessary. When that happens, it is essential to know the rules and strategies to achieve the best possible results for the client. In addition, staying informed about cases within Virginia’s General District and Circuit courts helps us craft better contracts for businesses and individuals.

A factor affecting both businesses and families is real estate law. We draft many deeds and easements and help with contract matters concerning the sale, purchase or lease of real estate. The time to negotiate appropriate contract terms is before signing a contract to buy, sell or lease real estate. Real estate purchases are large deals with long-term consequences for businesses and families, so is prudent to ask an office like ours, which only represents your interests and has an attorney with focused experience in this area.

With careful planning you can keep what you have worked for and protect your family or business. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

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