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    Very helpful.
    Kim K.

    They were very prompt in getting my deed paperwork completed. 
    Alexis C.

    I would recommend the Sellers Law Group for you attorney needs.  Clint was very knowledgeable and willing to help us & guide us through a real estate issue. He not only listened to me, but gave advice even if it meant not taking me as a client for this particular matter.

    Clint was a pleasure to deal with & I highly recommend him & will use him in the future for my family.


    Clint and his office are ALWAYS there for me when I need documents prepared for closings. They always have them back at a timely manner and if I need revisions they always get them right back to me. I would recommend him and his team to anyone. They are great people and always wonderful to work with!
    Stephanie W.

    We used this Office for questions on a Real Estate Sale and the problems that we were having. Clint answered all our questions. He was very nice and very knowledgable. We would not hesitate using him and his office again.

    George and Debbie

    Used this office for Estate Planning. Great service that was professional and very responsive by Clint and Apryl!! Total trust in their advice.

    Tom and Roxanne Carroll

    You came highly referred. But the referral did not tell me that I would be treated so nicely on the first visit. Am highly impressed, and I do not impress easily .
    Mike C.

    Ours was an unexpected visit and they quickly answered all questions and we were able to finish our business without issue.
    Real Estate Client

    The charactistics that most impress me about Clint are his ability to listen without interruption, offering clarification and advice with a kind, understanding demeanor and never once speaking "legalese" nor talking "down" to me. His attention to detail is most impressive. I left his office believing that he truly has the best interest of his clients at heart. He is an outstanding attorney and I shall continue to make use of his expertise. I have highly recommended him to several friends and relatives and will continue to do so.

    Attorneys scare me, but when I met Clint he made me feel comfortable and made sure I understood every document he prepared for me. There was not a question that I did not feel uncomfortable about or scared to ask. I truly believe that Clint has one of the best office staffs around. I could always depend on his staff to deliver messages and have no worries that Clint would get back with me right away. It is with peace of mind that you trust your attorney’s staff as well as your attorney. I have told many of my friends and family that Clint to me is a five star attorney. You want someone that can guide you in the right direction and Mr. Sellers is that attorney.

    Clint always had good advice and was very helpful. Was great to have someone who I trusted who also was so nice.

    (Estate Planning Client)

    Thank you Clint. You have won our respect and admiration and we will definitely continue to use your services as issues requiring a lawyer arise.

    My wife and I recently went to Clint Sellers for help with our Estate Planning. I would highly recommend Clint. We were very impressed. He went out of his way to work around our schedule. Also, he took the time to make sure we understood every part of the process. He was professional and knowledgeable. Clint answered our questions and offered advice where it was needed. Clint is also very likable and we enjoyed talking to him. He really made the process easy for us; a good experience in every way.

    Clint has my total and complete confidence.

    EXCELLENT! We received the deed today and want to say thank you all for everything you did. The patience and keeping in contact as much as you all did throughout this whole process was EXCELLENT!

    First-time Home Buying with Care and Confidence. Knowledgeable, approachable, accessible, and patient --- Mr. Clint Sellers, our real estate attorney, was all of these for us during the entire process of purchasing our first home. As first-time home buyers entering into a ‘for sale by owner’ purchase, we had many questions and concerns, and Clint was able to make the complex process understandable and manageable. From first consultation to drafting and revising of the contract to final closing, we felt that we had Clint’s full attention and that he was readily available to us. Clint is clearly committed to protecting his clients and their purchases legally, as well as creating transactions that honor and respect all of the parties involved.

    Recommend for Small Business Law and Estate Planning.  Clint Sellers is known for estate planning strategies for wealth preservation and for succession planning.  He is, first of all, a problem solver and distinguishes himself from other lawyers by providing prompt and straightforward answers.  His commitment to customer service is indisputable.  Clint is a very accomplished attorney who educates his clients on how wills and trusts can be drafted in a flexible manner to limit costs and protect assets.  I have hired him several times to help with matters related to the operation of my business and my family's estate planning.  You will find him both industrious and scrupulously honest with a great deal of technical skill.  I highly recommend him.
    Dr. James H. S. Whitney

    Thoughtful, Considerate and Skillful. I first employed Clint approximately six years ago, and was impressed with his thoughtful and considerate approach to my legal needs.  I have since employed his services several other times, including personal estate planning as I near retirement.  I would recommend Clint to anyone looking for a personable and honest business attorney.

    Gave us peace of mind.  Clint helped my spouse and me with our estate planning documents.  The process was so easy and gave us peace of mind instantly.  We highly recommend him!

    I really enjoyed your professionalism, promptness, and knowledge base.  In the future, I plan to engage your services any time a need arises for my company.  I hope to continue to build upon the relationship that we have started.  Again, thank you for your assistance.

    Clint Sellers is amazing!  Very knowledgeable in different areas and so approachable!

    Clint is a knowledgeable, reasonable attorney who has helped me tremendously on all sorts of real estate issues.

    If you haven't done your wills yet, it is time. Clint helped us and made the process easy!

    Clint prepared our estate documents and trusts.  Very satisfied with his efforts.  Recommend.

    Thank you so much for working with us on all of our document requests.  We can't thank you enough for your excellent and prompt service!

    Thank you so much for working with us on all of our document requests.  We can't thank you enough for your excellent and prompt service!

    About four years ago I was referred to Clint Sellers by a colleague to help me with a matter that could have caused me major problems.  Mr. Sellers was able to solve the problem and save my company thousands of dollars and lots of grief.  He has since represented me in another case and has again saved me thousands of dollars.  He is a true gentleman, very knowledgeable and professional in every way.  I am very glad to recommend him to all my friends.

    Clint, looks like everything is proceeding nicely with the contract you wrote for us.  Thanks for your help on this, it was about as smooth a process as I’ve ever seen.

    Please thank Mr. Sellers for being so patient and caring with my mother through this difficult time.  This will ease my mother’s mind a lot.  She trusts him completely.

    It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.  In the future, I will refer friends and associates to your law practice.

    I must admit I was somewhat skeptical when I saw all of the rave reviews and ratings about your practice on a Rockingham Virginia Real Estate Attorney search. But your team and you have surpassed my expectations so far. I didn’t even hear back from some others. You don’t know how happy I am to be able to get this handled professionally over a distance, and I realize this is a rather small case to handle. Thanks so much!

    Excellent job to Mr. Sellers and his staff.  Thank you very much.

    Customer Service and Timeliness. I appreciate Clint trying to keep our costs down.  That meant a lot.  He seems to be a compassionate person.  I am happy to be a client of his.

    Made the Process of Incorporation Easy. Clint Sellers donated many hours of his time in Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership’s process of incorporation and acquiring non-profit status. His guidance helped in making our transition smooth and he continues to be supportive of our group. Thanks Clint for giving back to the community!
    Karen McCormick

    President , SVAP

    Responsive and Thorough. Mr. Sellers pays attention to the details in the client consultation and researches issues thoroughly. He offers clear choices as to how to address the legal issues and is concerned with minimizing expenses to the client. He gives the client a sense of comfort and that they are in good hands. He has integrity and is very professional in his interactions. His staff is very conscientious and keeps the client well informed with timely communications. This firm was much more responsive to my inquiries than larger firms that I contacted.

    Assisted With a Landlord-Tenant Matter Without Pressure.  We did not feel that Clint was pressuring us to get involved with a court case.  In fact, we were impressed that he seemed very reserved about going to court.
    A Real Estate Client

    An Expert in Real Estate Matters. Mr. Sellers exhibited extraordinary integrity in considering my personal real estate dilemma, including the likelihood of foreclosure, and providing useful advice.

    Professional and Helpful with Advice. Mr. Sellers helped with advice and letter in a small claims case that I pursued against a car dealership. I contacted him after purchasing a truck and finding the next day that the truck had a approximate $5000.00 problem. Mr. Sellers assisted me with understanding consumer laws in Va. and with a letter that was sent to the dealership. The dealership did not want to help with the fixing the problem nor would they take the truck back. With the advice and letter in hand I went to small claims court and won the case for the full amount of the cost in repairs. I would recommend Mr. Sellers for his honesty and knowledge of law.
    A Small Claims Client

    Excellent with Referrals. As someone new to the Harrisonburg area, I needed tax advice and an accountant. After an initial query Sellers immediately put me in touch with an excellent accountant that fit our needs perfectly.
    A Tax Client

    Industrious, Cooperative and Scrupulously Honest. This was a case which involved a company that falsely represented their product. When the equipment failed to perform as promised by that company, I attempted to return it. I was told that they would not accept it because it was not a stock color. Mr.Sellers made this company understand the legal ramifications of their action and this case was settled out of court. I was able to return the piece of equipment and received a full refund.

    A Wonderful Lawyer Who Listens and Gives You Straight Answers That You Can Understand. Our family hired Mr. Sellers to handle a will and trust along with some other legal matters. He always gave us flat fees which were wonderful, knowing you could call and ask a question and it wouldn’t cost you. He also has a wonderful ability to listen and remember everything you say. He also explains everything to you in everyday language and makes sure you completely understand before he moves on. I would and have recommend him for any legal matter.
    A Trusts Client

    POA and Advance Medical Directive Preparation. Worked with Clint on two estate planning documents for my wife and self. I found him very knowledgeable of the legalities and we worked out specifics to suit our situation. The process moved to completion smoothly in a reasonable amount of time. Fully satisfied with his and Courtney’s work.

    Helpful Staff. Clint Sellers and his team are professional and friendly. My husband and I needed changes made to our Wills. Our matter was taken care of quickly. Clint was able to answer our questions about family estate planning and was ready to make any changes we requested. We would definitely use his services again.

    Meeting Unique Legal Challenges. My partner and I have been together for over 25 years and like many same-sex couples found we were in serious need of legal documentation. We have learned there are many protections under the law for married couples that come without the need of additional documentation. It was helpful to know that Clint was willing to do the research needed to advise us so that we might secure some of these same protections through carefully written legal documents. Although there will continue to be legal vulnerability for gay and lesbian couples; we can take the right steps with compassionate professionals like Clint Sellers to better secure our futures.

    Answered All of Our LLC Questions. Clint Sellers set up the LLC for our interior design business. My business partner and I were overwhelmed with the process until we put it all into Clint’s capable hands. He quickly executed all the required paperwork and document filing for us and took the time to go over everything with us in his beautiful and comfortable office. We know that Clint is only a phone call away when we have any legal questions about our business. We would highly recommend Clint’s firm for any business related matters.
    Mary Ann and Barbara

    Great with Small Business Matters. Clint takes care of my business. Clint and his staff take good care of me and I feel that they have my best interests in mind, both in principle and practice.

    Helped My Family. It was a pleasure and at least 90% less painful than I expected it to be thanks to Mr. Sellers’ powers of persuasion and legal acumen. My mother had closed on some property for which the buyer was a little short on mortgage ceiling. In the spirit of trust and good will she accepted a promissory note from the buyer. Because the note was never documented at the courthouse and a separate deed assignment was never accomplished, it didn’t take long for the loan to default. My mother is a disabled person who cares for her own disabled mother. While the $10,000 loan balance is not a lot of money to some, to my mother its the difference between getting her prescriptions and medical attention she needs or not. Mr. Sellers treated my mother and this case with attention to detail and concern for my mother. His fees were more than fair. I deeply appreciate his help in this matter as he brought it to a successful outcome.

    Excellent with Contracts. Clint Sellers did a great job. I had a complicated situation that required a contract to clearly define the rights and duties of the parties. I needed the job done right and the job done quickly. Mr. Sellers did it all that for me. I recommend that you consider him for any business related question.



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